BioLite BaseCamp Wood Burning Stove Review

BioLite BaseCamp Wood Burning Stove Review

Camping overnight? Don’t forget your cooking utensils, which include a reliable camping stove.

Now, many campers and hikers prefer to carry a portable propane gas stove because of two reasons. It’s more convenient, and many parks only allow this type of stove. But nothing compares to cooking with wood, making your camping trip feel “complete” because it gives you a sense of going back to basics.

BioLite is one of the popular brands of wood-burning stoves. Here, we put the spotlight on the BaseCamp, a 2-in-1 cooking appliance that also doubles as a charger.

But does it work the way it’s supposed to? Does it give you the promised results? In this BioLite BaseCamp wood burning stove review, let’s find out what previous buyers have to say about this unit.

What You Need to Know About the BaseCamp from BioLite

Weighing under 18 pounds, the BaseCamp is a 2-in-1 device. Not only does it help you cook, but it can also recharge your phones (and devices). How cool is that?

How exactly does the BioLite BaseCamp work?

As advertised, the BaseCamp has a patented core technology that’s able to capture waste heat from the fire. This is made possible because of a heat probe attached to its powerpack.

There’s of course some science involved, but heat is then converted into electricity, which powers a fan that sends electricity to a USB charging port and in the 2200Ah internal lithium-ion battery.

The fan also injects air back into the chamber to improve combustion to create a cleaner and more efficient flame.

As you can see in the image on the right, the BaseCamp has a well-thought-out design. There’s a 138-square inch cooking surface, which should fit up to 8 burgers at the same time. Above the grill is a handle for easy transport.

Note that just below the cooking area is the charging area. You’ll also notice that this unit comes with feet, which give the unit some height. Know that you can opt not to use them. They’re completely collapsible.

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VIDEO: BioLite BaseCamp

Watch this video to see how one adventurous woman cooks Swedish meatballs with her BaseCamp.

Consumer Feedback

What do previous buyers say about the BaseCamp from BioLite? Here’s what we found out about the product.

Fuel. One of the advantages of the BaseCamp is that when it comes to fuel, you’re sure to easily find leaves and twigs in the wilderness. The only time you’ll experience some difficulty is when everything is wet because of the rain.

That said, with the BioLite BaseCamp, you don’t have to worry about charcoal or propane tanks.

Charger. It charges smaller devices fairly well. As one person has observed, you may not be satisfied with its charging capabilities with larger devices such as a tablet.

Performance. This wood burning stove’s fan automatically turns itself on to really push some air for some quick burning. This is especially useful when your wood is slightly wet.

Overall, this utensil does what it promises to do. Still, when it comes to efficiency, they’re no match for appliances that focus on either charging or cooking alone.

You can’t really hike or backpack with it because of its weight. It’s therefore ideal if you’re RVing or camping with a truck.

Does it cook well?

It apparently does. One person, for instance, said that they were able to cook a “beautiful flank steak” with it on one load of wood. Also, in the video above, the uploader was able to use her BaseCamp to cook Swedish meatballs.

Other Uses

Some people use this wood-burning stove at their backyard especially during a cyclone or typhoon season when other cooking utensils are not reliable.


Although not all have experienced this, there may be a bit of a learning curve before you can finally perfect using the BaseCamp. You may also find that the burning chamber is “small” as a few people have pointed out.

There may be some parts that the company doesn’t sell if you need a replacement.

Contrary to what’s pictured, it’s best to use small woods.

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BioLite BaseCamp Wood Burning Stove Review: Should You Get One?

Here’s our recommendation.

The BioLite BaseCamp is not a perfect cooking utensil, but when it works, it does help you charge your small devices, and helps you cook your favorite dishes in the wilderness. It’s, however, not small enough for backpackers and thru-hikers.