BioLite CampStove 2 Review – Multi-Purpose Stove

BioLite Campstove 2 Review

It’s a neat concept, no doubt. You can “turn fire into electricity” by simply putting in a few twigs and leaves. But does the CampStove 2 deliver what it says it does? Only previous buyers can say for certain, and we give you some answers in this BioLite CampStove 2 review.

The CampStove 2 – just like the BaseCamp – has a patented core technology that captures waste heat and turns it into usable electricity.

A built-in fan automatically turns itself on to send electricity to the CampStove 2‘s USB charging port or store it in its internal battery. The fan also puts in some air into the combustion chamber to create a quicker, cleaner, and more efficient burn.

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Key Features of the CampStove 2

The CampStove 2 is an upgraded model that, as advertised, features “50% more power” for larger electronic devices. It also comes with “greater range for LED indicators” for both battery and heat intensity.

Other than those, here are some features to expect from this wood-burning stove.

Refer to the image on the right for your reference.

  • On-Board Battery. The CampStove 2 has a built-in battery with a 2600mAh capacity. As advertised, this is capable of charging with or without fire.
  • Smart LED Dashboard. Isn’t this cool? Not only does this dashboard give you real-time details about the current strength of the flame (heat intensity), but it also displays power output and fan speed settings.
  • Internal Fan Jets. One of the integral parts of this wood-burning stove is its fans. It has a total of fan speed settings to make sure that your fuel (wood) is burned efficiently.
  • Legs. It has 3 fold-away legs.
  • Honeycomb Heat Mesh. This serves to protect you from the inner combustion chamber.
  • Scalloped Pot Stand. This ensures stability for your pots.

VIDEO: The CampStove 2 in Action

Watch this video to see the CampStove 2 actually being used by a legit hiker who, before using it to cook, walks you through the parts of this backpacking stove.

Consumer Feedback

Charging. Overall, the CampStove 2 does the job done. Don’t expect it to be one of those devices that can charge fast, but when it comes to emergency cases, you can rely on the CampStove 2 for a recharge. Considering that you’ll be in the wilderness, this is a big plus for this product.

Fuel. You’ll surely save on propane tank and charcoal, for sure. But because this wood-burning stove has a small footprint, expect to feed it frequently.

This can also mean having to clean the bottom to get rid of ash that builds because of frequent feeding. If you don’t do this, the ash buildup may cover the holes in the side.

Weight. As advertised, this stove is 2.06 lbs., which can be “a bit on the heavy side” if you’re a thru-hiker.

Performance. Some people say it may take a while before you can finally build a fire. One person said it can take 5 minutes. But once the fire gets going, you can really boil a cup of water in less than 5 minutes.

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Bottomline: BioLite CampStove 2 Review

Although not the lightest for hiking long distance trails, the BioLite CampStove 2 is one reliable wood-burning stove. It can help you cook good meals, and puts out great amount of fire or heat. It’s also a reliable charger.

But the downside is that since it’s a small stove, you’ll have to “babysit” and feed it frequently, which can be annoying.

Other than that, you’ll find the CampStove 2 a reliable cooking utensil in the wilderness. Just pack it and go.