Blue Rhino GAD860SP Review (Gas Outdoor Firebowl)

Blue Rhino GAD860SP Review

Are you on the market for a propane outdoor fireplace that has the appearance of a wood-fueled fire pit? Blue Rhino may have the right product for you in the form of the GAD860SP.

The GAD860SP is a gas outdoor firebowl that comes with a porcelain steel bowl and an attractive slate mantel. It features an electronic ignition to ensure that lighting a fire is as easy as 1-2-3. It weighs 162 pounds, and it requires a 20-pound liquid propane tank.

In this Blue Rhino GAD860SP gas outdoor firebowl review, we help you analyze whether or not this product suits your needs.

What to Expect When You Unbox Your GAD860SP Package

Ideally, you should see or find the following parts when you receive your package.

  • instructions, mainly pictures
  • a cardboard to protect the GAD860SP from scratches during assembly
  • a screw set, duly labeled
  • a vinyl tank cover, black
  • a tank hose
  • a fire pit cover, vinyl
  • a room for storage under the table
  • a slide-out tank tray

The video below is truly helpful in teaching you how to assemble your fire pit.

Pros and Cons of the GAD860SP, Our Analysis

How does the GAD860SP fare among consumers who purchased, rated, and reviewed this product? This section supplies our analysis, which can be used as a summarized reference of the product’s pros and cons.

Soot. It seems like a build-up of soot can be observed if you use ceramic logs, fire glass, or materials other than lava rocks, as observed by several consumers.

Do not tighten a screw immediately. The holes may not line up and this can case difficulty.
That said, partially screw the screws in and tighten them only when you’re ready to attach the propane tank stand.

Assembly. Many of the outdoor fireplaces that we’ve featured here have generally positive feedback when it comes to assembly. But with the GAD860SP outdoor firebowl, assembly has been described as “tricky,” “challenging,” and “tedious.” In fact, you may need help from another person to put things together.

Though this fire pit comes with instructions (mostly pictures), they seem to be of little use. These instructions were described as “awful” and “terrible.”

Weight. At 162 pounds, this outdoor fireplace is heavy. That said, you might want to assemble it close to or at the spot where you want it to be. If not, you’ll need another person to carry it to your desired location.

Design and Built. Several consumers have described this fire pit as sturdy once it’s put together. It’s made of steel or “stamped steel sheet metal,” as one buyer has said.

As for the design of the product, the general consensus is that it is an attractive piece, which is mostly because of its mantel. Aside from that, consumers are happy that the mantel provides plenty of room for drinks or dinner plates.

Safety. Because this product is an LP gas outdoor firebowl, you’ll definitely stop worrying about popping embers and sparks. And as one consumer has explained, the gas valve is a nice safety feature. It “shuts off the gas flow if the fire blows out in wind.”

Heating Performance. While some consumers say this unit gives out a “good amount of heat,” others do not agree; and they have a seemingly compelling explanation for this. The GAD860SP is unlike an ordinary patio heater that has a “radiant heat effect.” So in effect, the heat is not well-distributed. Instead, it goes up the ceiling.

That said, this outdoor fireplace may indeed give out a fair amount of heat if you are in an enclosed area. If not, you may have to lean right into it to get much heat.

Others. Other noteworthy observations and feedback shared by consumers include the following:

  1. The slide out gas tank tray is convenient and usable.
  2. The mesh panels are attractive, but they are large and coarse.
  3. The electric ignition and gas valve are easy to reach.
  4. The fire pit cover is made of a thin vinyl.


You may struggle with the assembly. But once you put things together, you’ll see an attractive outdoor firebowl with a spacious and gorgeous mantel or table top.

Since the GAD860SP is heavy, you’ll find that this fireplace’s weight both a disadvantage and an advantage. It’s not that portable, but it’s not easily tipped either.

Overall, you’ll most probably want this for an ambiance heat rather than a unit that warms up a really chilly night.

Learn more about the GAD860SP here.


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