CobraCo FTCOPVINT-C Vintage Copper Fire Pit Review

CobraCo FTCOPVINT-C Vintage Copper Fire Pit Review

In our previous post, we featured the Uniflame WAD1377SP and praised its beautiful lattice design. In this article, we give you another attractive fire pit, this time from CobraCo.

It’s called the FTCOPVINT-C, a fire pit that features a vintage copper tub or body with a hammered texture finish. In this CobraCo FTCOPVINT-C vintage copper fire pit review, we tell you whether or not this is worth your money.

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100 Percent Copper, Extra-Deep Fire Tub

Obviously, this fire pit’s standout feature is its fire tub. It’s made from 100 percent copper which was hand-crafted to create its distinct vintage look. And as what the description says, fire is responsible in creating this rustic appearance. Over time, copper will develop a patina.

Aside from its beautiful copper appearance, the fire tub is also deep enough to house much wood and give you long-lasting fires.

Take a look at the fire tub.

CobraCo FTCOPVINT-C Vintage Copper Fire Pit Review
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Other Things You Need to Know About the FTCOPVINT-C Vintage Copper Fire Pit

– This is made in India, which is refreshing, considering that many fire pits are made either in China or in the US.

– It weighs 25 pounds, so it’s fully portable. You can take it anywhere with you — in the park, your neighbor’s house, or your garden.

– It comes with a spark guard (or screen cover) to keep all the sparks and embers in place, thereby giving you safe usage. The spark guard is made of wire mesh screen and finished with high-temp paint.

– Also, it comes with a vinyl cover that protects the tub from the elements.

– It has a removable grate.

Minimal assembly is required.

What Consumers Have to Say About Their Copper Fire Tub

Design. Everyone appears to agree that this fire pit is beautiful. Other adjectives that consumers used to describe their FTCOPVINT-C include “pleasing,” “good looking,” and “lovely.” You can use it to easily create an “ambiance fire.”

– Color. While the design is no doubt beautiful, at least two consumers complained of its color, saying that it turned into an “ugly dark color.”

– Price. Some say it’s expensive or pricey for a fire pit of its size.

– Assembly. It’s easy to assemble. One buyer said you only need a screwdriver.

– Others. You can use either wood or charcoal. But some buyers say that the bottom grate has wide gaps which are too wide for charcoal.


We echo what one consumer said about this fire pit. When it comes to fire holding potential and looks, this fire pit maintains pretty high marks. It is equipped with ventilation holes, a removable grate, and a spark shield. Plus, it can sustain warm and safe fires.

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