DeckMate Luna Outdoor Firebowl 30087 Review

DeckMate Luna Outdoor Firebowl 30087 Review

One of the most popular manufacturers or brands of portable outdoor fireplaces is DeckMate. Consumers love the fact that their products are made in the USA. Plus, they have the best designs. The 30087 is one of DeckMate‘s products. Here, we give you a review of this firebowl.

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What You Need to Know About the Luna Firebowl 30087

DeckMate Luna Outdoor Firebowl– Once you unbox your package, you’ll be greeted with a 24x24x19.7 inches fire pit with a durable steel construction. It’s painted with a special high-temperature paint to ensure that is stays as attractive as when you first used it. It weighs 24 pounds and features screened star-and-moon cut-outs to make it even more attractive when the wood burns.

– Other important features and parts of the 30087 include the following: fire wire mesh, mesh screen guard, and fire tools.

– This is for outdoor use only.

– The Luna Firebowl does NOT have a drainage hole for water. Some buyers have drilled one or two holes for this purpose.

Minimal assembly is required. All you need is a screwdriver.

– It’s made in the USA.

– This is used for burning wood or artificial logs.

DeckMate Luna Outdoor Firebowl 30087 Review – Consumer Feedback

DeckMate Luna Outdoor Firebowl 30087 ReviewDesign. The Luna firebowl comes with a 24″ x 24″ square design. This shape is the perfect alternative to the  round-type fire pit.  It is therefore easy to fit and arrange the logs, thereby optimizing your logs. Plus, it’s more manageable to start the fire with a square fire pit.

Features. Several buyers have complained that the handle on the cover is loose or “seems to loosen a lot.” The screened cutouts prevent the embers from leaping out, and consumers love this feature because they feel safe from the embers. Plus, cleanliness is ensured.

Performance. The 30087 is high enough to keep heat away. Plus, according to one buyer, it doesn’t kill the grass where it’s set up.

Functionality. You can use this for a BBQ session, when you go camping, or even take it with you when you plan on RV-ing.


If you’re looking for a square firebowl to make your BBQ, marshmallow, or camping session a much more social experience — not to mention the relatively low price — consider getting the Luna 30087 from DeckMate. Although it’s not a perfect product, it’s easy to assembly and the square design makes starting the fire easier and more manageable.

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