Landmann 28008 Heatwave Fireplace Review

Landmann 28008 Heatwave Fireplace Review

When it comes to versatility, the Landmann 28008 is designed to give you the functionalities of a fire pit — for warmth and for ambiance — and to double as a charcoal or wood grill or barbecue.

For that, this outdoor fireplace may be what you’re looking for. To find out, we give you this Landmann 28008 Heatwave fireplace review to help you analyze this unit. Included are our analysis and recommendation based on consumer feedback, rating, and comments.

6 Things You Must Know About the Landmann 28008 Deluxe Fireplace

– Expect to find an all-steel or metal construction when you unbox your package from Landmann. Instructions come with the product, so always refer to them to maximize your fireplace experience.

Assembly is required. And as one consumer has said, you might want to have a set of small wrenches and some screw drivers to varying lengths.

– For better mobility, this outdoor fireplace has wheels.

– At only 34 pounds, this fireplace is lightweight and portable.

– It is equipped with steel screen that you can remove easily to get the ashes out.

– If you’re looking for vents, you won’t find any. The lid doesn’t have vents or “access doors.”

Our Analysis of the 2880 Based on Consumer Feedback and Comments

Assembly. The general consensus is that the Landmann 28008 isn’t difficult to assemble. However, assembly time can vary. For instance, a father-and-son team took them “about an hour” to put things together.

Versatility. Several buyers use their Landmann 28008 as a fire pit and as a cooking grill. You can enjoy a warm night “chilling” outdoors, or you can use charcoal plus a grill to have family barbecues (or marshmallows) at your yard.

Height. The bottom of the fire pit is about 12 inches from the ground, per consumers’ measurements. This is high enough that you can put your feet easily under it and get warm. Plus, like what another buyer said, this is tall enough to “accomodate standard firewood logs.”

Safety. Although one said that this fireplace can be safely placed on a wood deck, saying that it is “definitely high enough,” you might want to put a heat shield for extra precaution. You can put sand at the base, you can choose heat-resistant tiles as an alternative, or get a vermiculite.

Durability. There are opposing comments as regards the durability and built of this outdoor fireplace. Although it’s advertised as a “sturdy all-steel construction,” some consumers are not impressed. While some think that this is a “heavy duty” and “well-built” fireplace, others say they would be happier if it were made of stronger metal or a “heavier gauge of steel.”

Screen. There are a significant number of comments regarding this outdoor fireplace’s screen, and not all of them are positive. For the positives, the screen is a thick metal that can be removed easily if you need to take out the ashes. Also, it has been described as “adequate” by one consumer. However, the screens may not be fine enough as sparks and popping embers can still escape from the mesh. Also, it may not be as adequate for windy condition or places.


Although the 28008 doesn’t have the elegance of a copper fireplace, it is a versatile product. If you’re looking for an outdoor fire pit that can also effectively function as a grill — or even a cooking stove — this product is for you.

It’s not perfect, though. As mentioned in our analysis, Landmann can still improve the screen that comes with the 28008.

Overall, you can’t beat it for the price, to borrow one consumer’s words.

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