Landmann Firedance Fire Pit Review (23875)

Landmann Firedance Fire Pit Review

Landmann fire pits have that distinct look, thanks to their cute cutouts that decorate their entire body. One of these cutouts show multiple silhouettes of a bear and its paw that seem to dance with the flame.

But performance-wise, is this fire pit worth buying? Only previous buyers can tell us for certain. That’s why in this Landmann Firedance fire pit review, we give you what previous buyers have said about their unit.

Key Features of the Landmann 23875

The Firedance is also known as the Landmann 23875. In this section of our review, we give you a quick list of this fire pit’s main features.

Weight. The Fire Dance weighs 41 pounds, which is enough weight to make sure it stays in place amidst windy conditions, but not too heavy to be easily transported from one place to another.

Diameter. It measures 29.5 inches, which is more than enough to accommodate large wood logs.

Cooking Grate. It comes with a cooking grate, in case you want to roast some hotdogs and marshmallows for a smores party.

Safety. This fire pit comes with a spark screen to protect you against popping and flying embers. Plus, its sturdy steel construction ensures that it doesn’t melt easily from the burning wood.

Bear Cutouts. The Firedance fire pit allows you to safely enjoy bonfire sessions with your family (and friends). While you enjoy the dancing flames, the bear cutouts add to this fire pit’s charm.

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Consumer Feedback

Here’s a summary of what previous buyers have said about their Landmann Firedance fire pit.

Capacity. One of the common questions asked is this: How deep is this fire pit? According to the manufacturers, the Firedance Bears fire pit is 36 inches deep. Based on consumer feedback, it can hold 3 split fire logs.

Construction. True to what’s advertised, the Landmann Firedance is well-built and sturdy. Other people have used the word “solid” to describe this outdoor fire pit.

Extra Parts. Not everyone likes the extra parts, but overall, the safety ring, grate, and spark screen are an added bonus.

Appearance. It looks nice, especially when lit. Other buyers have also used the words “terrific” and “amazing” to describe how it looks, especially the wildlife cutouts.

Assembly. Sure, there is some assembly involved, but it’s fairly easy and straightforward.

Bottomline: Landmann Firedance Fire Pit Review

Should you get one? Yes.

It performs its purpose as a fire pit very well, but other than that, it’s also pretty and nice to look at, especially the bear cutouts when lit. It’s also sturdy, and the extra parts are an added bonus.